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Recently I had a pleasure to work with LITTLESTARSPHOTOGRAPHY. I have created a poster and also a whole website with a logo. All can be displayed below or in the Portfolio:

| DAte added: 02.04.2017 | Author: Kamil | Comment

To begin the year in style, I have decided to put some life into this website and from now on will post much more content. My plans for this year are to branch out a little have extra supplies for beginning designers like: Tutorials, Photoshop add-ons and free coding tips.

On top of that I am beginning to collaborate with an amazing photographer, I can’t give exact details yet but soon those will be released on here and my Facebook profile.

From now on you are going to be able to enjoy the new portfolio design which matches the website and I believe is an upgrade from the previous look. Please click the picture below to go and check it out.


| DAte added: 08.01.2017 | Author: Kamil | Comment

Once again I have collaborated on a new website design for Polish Artist called Ewelina Lisowska. As her Album premiere occured we I was pleased to create design to promote “Ponad Wszystko”.
Please support the artist and check out her album on “Spotify”.

Check out the website live and check out my Portfolio.


| DAte added: 09.12.2016 | Author: Kamil | Comment

Today if you enter the portfolio section from the page, you will be able to see that there is a new design. You won’t be frightened by a dark and dull design but by a new matching, colourful, playful design. I would love to hear your opinion on this design by comenting down below. I would find this very helpful and I would use it for future reference.

| DAte added: 02.09.2014 | Author: Kamil | Comment

The new order system is simple, There are no special packages or any not needed information. I find that every order is different from the other and every order is special.
So please contact me on my email which is kamil@creativedezign.fan-strefa.pl or if you find that troubling please leave your details in the contact box below and I will contact you as soon as it is possible. Thank you!

| DAte added: 30.08.2014 | Author: Kamil | Comment

I would like to welcome you to the website which is newly rewamped. The site exists 2 years and prospers very well. I have done many projects for private uses but also for companies. The story behind the name of the website that is representing me is that for many weeks I were looking for a name that would be special and soft in sound. I thought about my abilities, at first I came up with “Creative” and then I thought there must be something extra to the name something clear and understandable, at that stage I came up with “Design” but then I thought the name together is so basic no one will be intrested thats when I exchanged the letter “S” for “Z” and the name was perfect because it represented what I am doing and who I am. after that I went through many of my projects thinking of a special design so I went through many stages ending by this one. I can truly say after 2 years of journey with “CreativeDezign” I am very happy with the way things are going and hoping the website with the new inovative designs will catch your attention.

| DAte added: 30.08.2014 | Author: Kamil | Comment

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