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DAte added: 21.12.2017 | Author: Kamil | Comment

In this section you will be able to find all of my work that I have managed to do up to date. With a nice slideshow you can take an insight to each photoshoot / session that was done in the past.

Industrial Photoshoot with Anna Kuskowska – A photoshoot that took place in Wolverhampton displaying a corrupted and abandoned surroundings with an edgy model Anna Kuskowska

Motocross Nowogard 2017 – A shoot that include some of the contestants of Motocross National Championship of Poland which took place in Nowogard

Winter Surroundings – Some photos that were taken on a walk with abnormal weather conditions in United Kingdom, wanted to capture the pink / orange sky with everything covered in bright white snow.

Małgorzata & Harry’s Wedding – Photos from the wedding that were taken in Stoke on Trent, on the 15th of December 2017. Display a newly wedded couple while signing all documentation

New Years Eve 17/18 – Photos that were taken at a event that took place in Polish Club Wolverhampton. I had a chance to capture peoples movements and light strokes created from party lights

Winter Family Photoshoot – Photos taken in the biggest park of Wolverhampton, West Park. Photos display Gronek family on a cold winter day.

Lady Gaga (Joanne World Tour) – Photos from the event that I have attended on the 31.01.2018. The show was amazing and she was super professional! Genuine queen of pop!

Spring Park Photoshoot – Photoshoot of amazing model Wiktoria and her mother, while having a spring walk in the par.

Only The Finest Clothing – Photoshoot #1 – Photoshoot of clothes by Only The Finest, photoshoot of the model presenting custom clothes.


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